Hello and welcome!  The first thing you should know about me is: I'm obsessed with photography.  What started as a casual hobby in college has (d)evolved into a passion, a profession and, hopefully some day, will lead to becoming Instagram-famous.  Professionally, I shoot portraits and fashion photography.  As a hobby I shoot travel, landscapes and puppies.  After a few glasses of wine I shoot awkward selfies ----------------->

The second thing you should know about me is: I currently live in Toronto and I am a former resident of New York City where I visit often.  I love yellow cabs, thin sliced pizza, street meat and walking.  I dislike smelly subway cars and vegetables.

The third thing you should know about me is: I am also a lawyer who practiced securities litigation and regulatory enforcement law in New York City.  #nerd  

The final thing you should know about me is: Well...it's a secret.  Contact me and I'll tell you in person.  Also contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss a booking.  I promise I won't bite.


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