Studio Rental Agreement

 THIS AGREEMENT TO LEASE STUDIO SPACE is made effective by signing below, by and between December Studios LLC (“Company”) and the undersigned (“Renter”). By signing below, Renter accepts and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions, whether or not Renter has read them.  

 NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and promises hereinafter set forth, the parties hereto agree as follows:

 Reservations and Payment

The photography studio premises (“Studio Premises” or “Premises”) offered for rent under this agreement is Unit 1 of 203 Harrison Place/44 Stewart Avenue, Brooklyn. Photography, videography, and audio recording are strictly prohibited in all other spaces in the building, including but not limited to, the hallways, conference room, kitchen, slop sinks, bathrooms, stairwells, and freight elevator. 

All studio rental charges are payable in advance at the time the reservation is made via credit card.  The Studio Premises is not considered reserved until full payment and a signed rental contract are received. Renter agrees to pay the Company's studio rental pricing (“Rental Fee”) which is in effect at the time of reservation. Rental periods are prearranged at the time of booking.  A link to the equipment reservation form will be emailed to Renter once full payment and a signed rental contract are received and must be completed no less than 24 hours before the shoot is scheduled to begin. 

Renter’s rental time begins promptly at the designated starting time and ends promptly at the designated ending time. Rental time must include set up, break-down, and clean up. The Studio Premises must be cleaned and vacated by the end of the rental period. No prior drop-off and/or pick-up after completion of the shoot, of equipment, props, etc., is permitted unless negotiated at the time of rental contract, and additional fees may apply.


The Company’s cancellation policy is based on a five business-day workweek: Monday through Friday. Therefore, canceling a Monday reservation by the prior Thursday morning would be considered 2 business days.

Cancellations are subject to the following charges:

3 or more Business days: 5% processing fee

1 to 2 Business days: 50% of the rental fee

Less than 1 business day: No refund

If the Company must cancel Renter’s reservation for a reason within its control, Renter will be given either rescheduling priority or a full refund, at Renter’s option. Company is not liable for acts out of its control that affect the shoot, including but not limited to: equipment failures, power outages, weather, acts of God, the actions of any persons who are acting outside of the Company’s control, or emergencies. In such cases, Company will refund a prorated portion of Renter’s payment if rental period had already started, or rescheduling priority if rental period had not begun.

Conduct, Policies & Rules

Renter is solely responsible for the conduct and welfare of all persons accompanying Renter while on Company Premises. Renter agrees, and to ensure that all persons accompanying Renter conduct themselves according, to the following rules:

• No smoking whatsoever in the building

• No alcoholic beverages in the common areas (hallways, kitchen, bathrooms, conference rooms, slop sinks)

• Keep sound at reasonable level.  Renter agrees to decrease or turn off the music if so requested by anyone in the building.

• No animals allowed without prior written consent of the Company

• Maximum of ten people in Renter’s party

• A Company representative may, at Company’s sole discretion, be present at all times

• No candles, other open flames or smoke machines are allowed

• Any continuous lights or “hot lights” must be below 300W per head and switched off when not in use.

• No hazardous, illegal, or negligent practices, activities, or substances

• Any other reasonable rules or requests by the Company which are made prior to or during the rental period

Renter is solely responsible for ensuring that all activities involving models and photographic subjects comply with all applicable laws and consent rules.  Company is not liable in the case of an invalid ID or any other form of age verification.

If the Company’s representative observes or otherwise becomes aware of any rules violations, the representative reserves the right to stop the shoot and may require Renter and Renter’s party to leave immediately.  In such case no refund will be given for unused time.  Company and its representatives assume no responsibility to act or for damages in such cases.

Use at Own Risk

Use of Company’s Studio Premises and equipment is AT RENTER’S OWN RISK.  Renter hereby waives rights to seek legal redress for mishaps, accidents, any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damage, injury or loss to Renter, his party or possessions.  Renter is solely responsible for any legal infractions Renter or members of Renter’s party make during the conduct of the shoot. Renter agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Company, its owners, members, agents, representatives, and contractors acting on its behalf for any loss, accident, or injury to Renter’s self or anyone who accompanies Renter while on Company premises.  

Renter further agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Company and its owners, members, agents, representatives, contractors, employees, guests and tenants against any suit, claim, loss, accident, judgment, fine, injury or damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

This indemnification shall continue in full force and effect during and after the term of the rental for such causes arising during the term of the rental.


Company agrees to provide equipment in good working order, but makes no special guarantees as to said equipment’s functionality or suitability to Renter’s purposes. Company will assume no liability for any equipment brought in or left by the Renter. All items brought to the Premises by Renter are to be removed by Renter at the conclusion of the rental period. Items left after 7 days will be assumed abandoned and may be discarded or kept by the Company for Company use, with no compensation due the Renter, at the discretion of the Company.

Damage and Cleaning

Renter agrees to provide a Certificate of Insurance covering both the Studio Premises and equipment, or otherwise provide a $1000 credit card preauthorization in the event of damages.

Renter agrees to promptly pay for all repair costs for damage to the premises caused by Renter or anyone in Renter’s party, or a reasonable repair fee or, if a repair is not possible, the full replacement cost, including sales tax and delivery, for any damaged equipment (or equivalent equipment if the a new copy of the damaged equipment is no longer available for sale). Renter also agrees to pay for damage to the Studio Premises, including but not limited to, spills, excessive wear, marks or stains on furniture, fixtures or painted surfaces.

Renter agrees to leave the studio in the same condition it was found, or a $30 cleaning fee will be assessed in addition to any damages.


This Agreement incorporates the entire understanding and agreement between the Renter and the Company. Any modifications of this Agreement must be in writing and signed by both parties. The laws of the State of New York shall govern this Agreement.

The parties have read this entire Agreement, agree to all its terms, and acknowledge receipt of a complete copy of the Agreement upon submission of this form.

The person signing as Renter below shall be fully responsible for ensuring that payment is made pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

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